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Pork Gyoza

Ginger, Spring onion in sesame seed,carrot, garlic, white radish and edamame

Rp. 45K

Prawn Gyoza
Sesame seed, white radish and edamame

Rp. 48K

Salted Egg Chicken

Deep boneless fried chicken coated in green curry and plum sauce

Rp. 48K

Salted & Chilli Squid

Deep fried baby squid with lime leaf and tartar sauce

Rp. 52K


Tortilla chips, chicken bolognaise, guacamole, pickle and mozzarella

Rp. 65K


Main Dish

Nasi Goreng Babi Tandoori
Fried rice, tandoori glazed crispy pork belly, pickled cucumbers, crackers and sunny side up egg.

Rp. 72k

Grilled Chicken Steak

Grilled boneless chicken leg served with peppercorn sauce, poached egg, coleslaw and french fries.

Rp. 82k

Nasi Bebek Andaliman

Serundeng fried rice, fried duck, long beans cabbage and sambal andaliman.

Rp. 85k

Pork Knuckle

Roasted pork knuckle with houseblend sauce, asian salad, potato chips, sambal matah and mix salad.

Rp. 230k

Beef Tomahawk 850 Gr

Roasted beef tomahawk truffle mushroom sauce, peppercorn sauce, mix salad and roasted baby potato.

Rp. 1.200K



Vegan Pannacota

Coconut milk pannacota and mix berry sauce

Rp. 45K

Crème Brûlée

Vanilla crème brûlée

Rp. 45K

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sorbet, sticky rice, coconut sauce served with maple chip and butterscotch sauce

Rp. 48K

Molten Lava Cake
Melted dark chocolate lava cake served with vanilla ice cream and crumbles

Rp. 50K

Cheese Cake

Caramel / Mix Berry

Rp. 55K



Flavor Tea

Lemon / Lychee / Strawberry / Flavor

Rp. 30k


Orange / Lemon / Lime / Strawberry

Rp. 32k

G & L Mint Punch
Ginger, lemongrass, mint leaves, mint syrup, sweet sour topped with soda water

Rp. 40k

Fruit Punch

Orange, pineapple and lime juice, strawberry syrup, basil seed topped with soda water

Rp. 40k

Tropical Delight

Apple juice, caramel syrup, lemon topped with soda water

Rp. 40k



Heineken 250 Ml

Light Rum / Sweet Sour

Rp. 45k

French Kiss

Vodka, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup

Rp. 98k

Easy Peasy

Red wine, tequilla, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup

Rp. 110k

Tequilla, triple sec, sweet sour

Rp. 120k

Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignom 2020 (ID) New

Glass / Bottle

Rp. 500k


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